Love Be the Loudest 14-Day Devotional (Paperback & Digital Download)

Love Be the Loudest 14-Day Devotional (Paperback & Digital Download)

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A hard copy of Ginny's new, 14-day devotional! Receive an immediate download of the ebook version with digital links to bonus content too!

“God has alternately whispered and shouted to me – through experiences, conversations, and moments alone with Him – that His love is powerful and strong enough to change my life.”

 One of Ginny’s goals as a songwriter is to encourage herself and others to spend time with God each day, memorizing and meditating on scripture, listening for His voice amidst all the noise and chaos of our lives, and worshiping Him in spirit and in truth.

 To that end, Ginny has written a 14-day devotional called Love Be The Loudest: Hearing God’s Voice Above the Noise. In addition to scripture readings and her own thoughts about them, Ginny has paired each devotional with a song from Love Be The Loudest or her previous album, I Know a Secret. She also invites you to participate through daily activities to help you draw closer to God.