I Know A Secret (Digital Download)

I Know A Secret (Digital Download)

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Ginny Owens' self-revealing lyrics and effortless rhythmic flow are in excellent for on I Know a Secret, the Christian singer/songwriter's best-realized release in a decade. Time has added resonance to the R&B/jazz-influenced talent she displayed as a fledgling artist. "What My Life Is For," "No Borders," and "What You Believe" are openhearted declarations of faith; they boast keen pop hooks and insistent grooves. The breezy dance feel of "Stumblin'" and the folk/electronica tinge of "All Things" are particularly inventive. "O the Deep" - a duet with her late cousin Christi Dippel - is poignant yet ultimately joyful.

“I have stayed true to form in crafting songs that express stories from my own life experience and have poured my heart into each one. I’m so thrilled to share it with you and can’t wait to hear what you think!” ~ Ginny

Track Listing:
1. I Know a Secret
2. What My Life is For
3. I Will Praise You
4. Deeper
5. Made For More
6. All Things
7. No Borders
8. In This Darkness
9. O the Deep
10. Stumblin'
11. I Am Yours
12. What You Believe
13. Without You
14. Don't Waste Your Life

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